Olitham APK Download

This is an app for Live TV and entertainment. It is built by Olitham and Co and offered as free service. The version supported is Android 4.1 and higher. The latest version is not known but it offers media and movies all free of cost.


The app offers Live TV in regions supported. It offers dubbed movies from Africa, Pakistan, Hindi, and more languages. To install the APK file, go to their Official Site, You can also watch YouTube videos for the same instructions online. You have a lot of ways to search for your preferred content, streaming sites, and media all in one place. This is an entertainment app and is constantly updated with streaming sites.


  • It is a third-party app and you need to do some changes in the Settings before using the .APK file
  • It offers a Search Option, various countries TV like Africa and India


  • It saves time as you don’t have to waste time searching for anything online
  • It is divided into categories for easy search
  • All latest are grouped into one place


  • This supports narrow channels via streaming content
  • have to make changes in Settings to install the .APK file offline


A better way to use this is through complete settings and permissions


Use the official store APK file and use the Play Store for downloading the recent version too. SD card can be used if required.

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