Mi Remote

Mi Remote is an app created by Xiaomi for controlling various electronics in your home from a distance. It’s a great remote control that you can use no matter where you are in a convenient and simple way.

This app includes tons of possibilities for controlling your electronic devices at home, like changing the channels on your TV or adjusting its volume, turning the air conditioning up or down, taking photos with your digital camera, and more.

Have you ever imagined that your android can control other electric appliance? With this Mi Remote controller latest APK (588), your dream will come true because this app is impressive and you can use it for your electric appliance only with your android. Whenever you cannot find your remote, this app will help you to remove your TV, AC, and so forth. In other words, you can prank your friend with this app. Besides, this app is also useful if your remote is lost or getting broken. You do not need to buy the new remote for your TV, AC, or other electric appliance if you have this app in your android.

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Mi Remote controller File Information

Developer: Xiaomi Inc.
Version: (588)
File size: 33.7 MB
Uploaded: April 9, 2019 at 8:55AM GMT+07
Requirement: Android 4.2 and up
MD5: f0545a0167eedd17436507b451b9a3c5
SHA1: 3cc00d9337a9b4ad9b3bb023b5aa38baa19a07b7

Download Mi Remote controller APK

  Download APK File (33.7 MB)Install from Google Play Store  

Mi Remote controller review

This app is impressive to use because you can remote your TV with this app without any difficulties. In other words, this app can switch the channel faster from your mobile device. The app will bring you into a new level when you are watching TV. Furthermore, the app also has more function for your electric appliance because it can be used for some electric appliance including TV, AC, DVD Player, set top box, projector, A/V receiver, camera, and so forth. Furthermore, this app also will support to some brands such as LG, Sony, Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic, Haier, Micromax, Videocon, Onida, and so forth. It will be amazing to use the app.

Besides, it also has some features that will facilitate people when they use the app. The features like switching on or off can be found in the app. Furthermore, it is not only used for certain electric appliance because it can be used for some electric appliance.

If you upgrade the app, it will give you something new such as new brands and new features that can be used for your activities without any difficulties. However, it also has some pros and cons that should you know before installing the app in order to maximize this app better.

You will get more advantages when you install this app in your app. However, you also will get some cons that should you know so that you can face the problem about this app. To know more about this app, here are some pros and cons that can be found:


  • The app will be useful for any electric appliance
  • It is easy to use and control
  • It has some features that facilitate people to control TV, AC, Projector, and so forth


  • You need to know the usage
  • It is rather difficult to program in android

How to Use

To use Mi Remote controller for Android is not difficult. Here are some tips to use the app. If you want to use this app for TV, you can open the app and you can choose one of electric appliance to control. If you want to use it for TV, you can choose menu for TV and click it. After that, you only need to point your TV and follow the command in the app. If you have finished using the app, you can leave the app. It is easy but you should know the way to use it.


  • Bug fixes

To use Mi Remote, you need to pair the app with compatible electronic devices. This includes brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Haier, Onida, Micromax, Videocon, and more.

Mi Remote is an excellent way to transform your Android into a single remote control for all your electronic devices and appliances. It’s so convenient and useful, in fact, that it just may change your life.

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